FOX 35 and FOX 35 Plus upgrades broadcast tower, strengthening signal for viewers

FOX 35 and FOX 35 PLUS have upgraded their tower to help viewers have an even clearer experience.

On Saturday, the antenna on the FOX 35 and FOX 35 PLUS broadcast tower in Bithlo was removed.  A helicopter hovered above to remove the old 67-hundred pound antenna and haul it away.

A new 1,700-foot tower was turned on for FOX 35 Orlando and FOX 35 Plus.

This means that viewers will see a stronger signal and the station will reach more people.

The FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr was on site for the big moment on Saturday. He explained that "so many Americans, when they flip on their screen, think it's magic but there is a lot of infrastructure work to make that happen."

The FCC Commissioner actually scaled the 17-hundred foot tower himself with technicians to get a birds-eye view of the antenna. He told FOX 35 that "I'm a little bit scared of heights but you kind of have to put that aside and just focus on what is right in front of you." 

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