Forest Park officer provides haircuts for the homeless

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It's no secret that our police officers have a tough job on their hands each and every day, but one Forest Park officer goes out of her way on her own time to provide basic service for those in need. 

Forest Park Police Officer Brittney Sparks has found a way to combine her love for the community with her passion for cutting hair. 

"I always had a niche for doing hair," Sparks said. "Growing up young, I braided hair all the time and it just kind of escalates. I wanted to learn more and do more."

Now, a licensed master cosmetologist, Officer Sparks said she's not the only one learning from the experience. She loves giving haircuts to the homeless. 

"They come in and they're not feeling well or looking their best, but when they sit down and before they leave, you see a smile. Just to sit down and talk to a person and understand that we all go through things and that with the help of others we will get through it." 

It's a message needed at Calvary Refuge Center, a shelter that aims to provide a safe environment for those on the path to self-sufficiency.