Florida’s eviction moratorium has expired, now what?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did not extend the moratorium on evictions Wednesday, which has many renters worried that in a few days, they will be smacked with an eviction notice.

One of those renters is Jackline Badra. She is fearing the worst, telling FOX 35 that “I’m about to be homeless with my kids.”

The mother of three is barely surviving off $125 per week from unemployment benefits. She said that “I’m trying to be strong, I’m a single mom, I’ve always had to hold it together but I don’t know for how long, I don’t know."

Badra cannot go back to work because she just beat cancer. She explained that "I’m very much the most high-risk person, you could be, I’m still in remission."


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She’s behind in rent and is now missing doctor’s appointments to keep the lights on.

“My mom thinks I went, my youngest thinks I went, I’m not going to tell them I didn’t go, it’s $60 to see my oncologist -- Where am I going to get that money? So, I just stayed home. I called him and he’s like ‘Jackie’ you can’t keep doing this,’ and I’m like, ‘what else am I supposed to do?’ I need that $60 right now,” Badra said.

If that wasn’t enough, the cancer survivor is now fearing being kicked out of her apartment. Luckily, the CDC has issued a nationwide order but renters have to take action, filling out a declaration of their financial situation.

“They have to sign the declaration. They have to be eligible. So, it has to be something related to potential loss of income -- COVID-related. But once they serve that on the attorney of the landlord, it will stop the eviction until December 31st,” Jeff Harvey, CEO, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida explained to FOX 35.

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani has concerns about the order. She said that the "federal order is actually being challenged in a federal court. It potentially could completely be removed, which means, Florida has no safety net for folks."


Renter’s attorney Jeff Harvey says the best thing to do is to work with your landlord. He advised that you "do everything you can to work with your landlord on this. Landlords in many cases they’re just trying to run a business too and they rely on that income for other reasons."

If you are served with an eviction notice, seek legal advice to know your rights. The CDC order does not protect people from foreclosures. Harvey recommends homeowners who may find themselves in that situation, start looking at their options now.

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