Florida woman finds gator hissing by door inside garage

A Florida woman had to call for help after she heard a hissing sound coming from the door in her garage.

Torrie Heathcoat, of Fort Myers, said that even though her garage door was open for just ten minutes, a seven-foot-long alligator made its way inside. The reptile was spotted hissing by the door that leads into her home. 

"Andy is lucky he wasn’t attacked -- he was less than a foot from him! I thought he was kidding and I opened the door only to be face to face with our guest! I will never forget that moment of fear!" she wrote on Facebook.

She then reportedly called 911 and they dispatched a Fish and Wildlife unit to help.

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"The pissed-off gator was relocated to an alligator farm somewhere in North Fort Myers and will hopefully find the love of his life," Torrie added.

She closed her post by reminding fellow Florida residents to "keep your garage door closed."

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