Florida surfers find body of woman in Atlantic Ocean near Paradise Beach

A body was pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday afternoon in Brevard County after being spotted by two surfers.

Nick Monroe and Chris Phillips were at Paradise Beach around 2:30 p.m. when they said they noticed something strange in the water.

Both surfers said they initially thought they had simply spotted debris that had been kicked up by recent hurricanes. "Thought it was a buoy," explained Phillips.

As they got closer to the unknown object, they said they soon realized it was the body of an "older" woman.

"We ended up trying to get the lifeguards to come out there to help us and ended up having to bring her in ourselves," Monroe said. "It was a pretty crazy thing, to come upon that while we were surfing."

Lifeguards notified the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and deputies responded.  The death remains under investigation.  No other details were immediately released by law enforcement but investigators said there does not appear to be any trauma to the body.