Florida sheriff's office welcomes their newest K-9 team member

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Meet Willow.

The adorable bloodhound is the newest K-9 member of the Indian River Sheriff's Office! 

At just 10-weeks-old, Willow is officially the youngest member of the K-9 team. The sheriff's office introduced her over the weekend on Facebook. 

"Deputy Brian Reimsnyder is her full time handler and will be in charge of her search and rescue training. We have no doubt that with Deputy Reimsnyder’s guidance and expertise Willow will become an integral part of our team!"

According to the sheriff's office Facebook page, the Jimmy Ryce Foundation donates the funds to that the sheriff's office for Willow.

"Willow comes from a long line of law enforcement search and rescue bloodhounds, to which we are also thankful to Judy Braun of Bluegrass Bloodhounds for providing us with our new family member!"

Willow has some big shoes, or should we say paws, to fill! After she is done with training, the sheriff's office current search and rescue bloodhound, Dixie, will retire, who has been protecting and serving for the past 12 years. 

"She’s deserving of her soon to be retirement! Once retired she will remain with Deputy Reimsnyder and his family."