Florida sheriff blasts 'white supremacist morons' for passing out flyers of him in a bra

A Central Florida Sheriff took to Facebook to respond to "white supremacists" who have reportedly been passing around flyers touting the elected official as a cross-dresser. 

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood responded to the flyers of the "Cross Dressing Sheriff" explaining his longtime participation in the Daytona Beach Realtors Bratini fundraiser which helps to raise money for people battling breast cancer. 

In a Facebook post, Sheriff Chitwood said:

"These 'master race' white supremacist morons keep dropping flyers of the 'Cross Dressing Sheriff' like it’s going to hurt my feelings or turn people against me. Hey losers, here are a few more photos you can use."

Sheriff Chitwood goes on to explain that the group has raised tens of thousands of dollars for people with breast cancer. 

Central Florida has seen an influx in recent weeks of antisemitism flyers being passed around several counties. During the Daytona 500, police officers in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach denounced the anti-Semitic propaganda that was passed out over the weekend. 

Officers said the group known as "First Amendment Auditors" came into town displaying anti-semitic messages from the top of the pedestrian bridge on Speedway. Police believe they were trying to bait the officers into violating their rights in hopes of acquiring justification for a lawsuit against the department. 

On Feb. 27, Sheriff Chitwood held a press conference condemning recent hate speech and harassment targeting Jewish people in Volusia County and Central Florida.

The Sheriff called the meeting following a series of incidents involving the white supremacist neo-Nazi hate group Goyim Defense League ("GDL"), which recently dropped explicit hate propaganda in area neighborhoods and parking lots, draped banners across International Speedway Boulevard, and projected messages onto Daytona International Speedway. The group also recently used megaphones to shout hate speech and terrorize people outside the Chabad of South Orlando.