Florida senator proposes new distinctively marked license plates for registered sex offenders

A Florida Senator added an amendment to a bill that would require registered sex offenders to have license plates on their cars with the words "sexual offender" marked in red, along with some other stipulations.

The amendment was added to Senate Bill 1252 by Florida Democratic Senator Lauren Book on Tuesday. 

It calls for the Department of Motor Vehicles to assign a distinctive, fluorescent green license plate to "vehicles owned, leased, or operated by persons who are designated as sexual predators under Florida statute." 

The amendment includes people who are also subject to registration as sexual offenders or have a similar designation under the laws of another jurisdiction. 

If passed the bill would go into effect on January 1, 2024, and the plates would have the words sexual predator in red as well as their driver's license or identification card printed with the words sexual offender in red. 

Senator Book represents District 35 which is Davie, Florida.