Florida police department hopes social media will help reunite lost ashes with someone's family

A Florida police department is hoping to reunite someone's ashes with their family, but have no idea who the remains belong to – and hopes social media will help find the rightful owners.

The Tavares, Florida Police Department said in a Facebook post that a wooden memorial box was found "a couple of months ago" in the area of State Route 19 and Lakeshore Blvd., near the fountains. Tavares is located north of Orlando in Lake County. 

"We believe this box contains someone’s ashes," the police department said in the post.

"Unfortunately, there is no way for us to confirm who the individual is and no one has come forward to advise us that they may have misplaced this box."

The police department hopes the power of social media will help reunite the ashes with its family members. Photos shared with the post show a simple wooden box that appears to have a slight border. 

"It is very possible that this was a genuine mistake. We just feel that a grieving family is looking for this and are trying to help," the police department said.

In response to some comments, the police department said they have looked for a business card or tag that would hopefully identify who the remains belong to, but have not found anything. The police department said it's possible the ashes had been previously separated as the bag inside "appeared to have been cut already."

Others said the box was similar to one they received when their pets were cremated.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the police department's non-emergency line, 352-343-2101, and then press 4. People could also send the police department a message on Facebook.