Florida nurse gives birth while working at hospital during Hurricane Dorian

Photo credit: Laura Suazo 

A pregnant Florida nurse ended up giving birth while on the job during Hurricane Dorian.

Laura Suazo volunteered to work at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne during the storm. During her shift on Monday night, she went into labor! 

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Fortunately, Suazo was in the right place. Penelope Suazo was born at 9:17 a.m. on Sept. 3, weighing in at 6-pounds and 1-ounce. 

The hospital says that mom and baby are doing well.

"I was in the perfect place to have my baby and was so glad to be here in the hospital," said Suazo. "I was definitely surprised I went into labor three weeks early, but have had an absolutely wonderful experience." 

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