Florida man arrested for beating girlfriend's son with mop, fracturing his skull: Deputies

A DeLand man is facing several charges after his girlfriend saw him abusing her son on a camera in the house shortly after she left for a doctor's appointment, deputies said. 

Shawn Stone, 32, was arrested for aggravated child abuse after his girlfriend's 5-year-old son suffered from a fractured skill and multiple other visible injuries on his body, an arrest report shows. 

On Wednesday, the woman told deputies she had left her home to see a doctor with her daughter when she got a "gut feeling" that something was wrong at her house. When she opened her camera application on her phone, she saw Stone standing over her son — who was lying in bed — punching him in the head repeatedly while he was balled up in the fetal position, deputies said. 

When her son got up from the bed, Stone continued kicking him as he begged him to stop, an arrest affidavit shows. Stone went to grab a mop and began to strike the boy with it. The woman told police the camera application suddenly stopped working. 

The woman told police Stone had a history of methamphetamine use, but hadn't used in a while. 

Although detectives didn't interview the boy, they notice numerous injuries including a lacerated lip with fresh blood, bruising on his face, eyes, top of his head, and a bruise on his left thigh in the shape of a mop handle. 

When interviewed by deputies, Stone said he realized his girlfriend's son had urinated in his bed, so he got angry. He admitted to slapping the boy in the mouth and grabbing a mop to pop it over his head. Stone denied ever hitting the boy with the mop. 

Stone was booked into the Volusia County Jail.