Florida man accused of being fake doctor claiming to cure diabetes

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A Hernando County man was arrested after deputies say he posed as a doctor and claimed he could cure diabetes. 

Deputies say Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez, 73, advertised his services on an advertisement website for the Hispanic community called "Elclassificado."

The ad shows a photo of Hipolit-Gonzalez in a white coat with the caption "Dr. Onelio Hipolit," and states he could treat hernias, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthrosis, renal failure, vision problems, and a host of other health issues.  

Investigators say Hipolit-Gonzalez has never had a medical license of any kind in the state of Florida. 

Deputies say Hipolit-Gonzalez arranged to meet a patient at a home on February 7 and, when the patient arrived, he was asked to fill out papers and pay $160. 

Deputies say Hipolit-Gonzalez then checked the patient's blood pressure and then put a band around his head and asked him to hold a metal rod connected to a machine on a table that began making beeping noises once it was turned on. 

Deputies say he told the patient he was testing his heart, brain, intestinal system, bones, nerves, and "everything else." 

After the "test" was complete, deputies say Hipolit-Gonzalez told the patient he had diabetes, osteoporosis, and that he was not getting enough oxygen to his brain, among other ailments. He said that for only $2,000, he could cure the patient's diabetes by using a treatment that would include injecting the patient with "his own blood."

Deputies say Hipolit-Gonzalez told them he draws the patient's blood, then injects the same blood he just withdrew because he says it "combats" the blood cells and boosts the immune system.

Deputies say he also told the patient he cured the homeowner of his diabetes and called him on the phone to get his testimony.

Detectives moved in at that point and arrested Hipolit-Gonzalez, who told deputies he did not believe he needed a license to practice medicine. He said he was a lab technician in Cuba and got his certificate for Iridology, herbology, and nutrition when he moved to Florida. 

Hipolit-Gonzalez faces charges of unlicensed practice of a health care profession and is in the Hernando County Jail on $10,000 bond. 

Deputies hope anyone who has been treated by Hipolit-Gonzalez will come forward and contact the sheriff's office at 352-754-6830.