Infamous 'Florida Joker' demands money from Grand Theft Auto over new video game character: 'We gotta talk'

Remember that "Florida Joker" who went viral in 2017 for his mug shot after being arrested after waving a gun in traffic? A look-a-like was featured in Grand Theft Auto VI's latest trailer ahead of the release of the highly anticipated video game – and now, the "Joker" himself is speaking out and demanding payment. 

Rockstar Games unveiled the trailer for the action game earlier this week, which revealed its prime location – Florida. In the trailer, several Florida news stories were featured, like the alligator that busted into an Apopka Walmart, a man who upsets his neighbors by doing lawn work in the buff in Stuart, and a police chase that ended with a car flipped over in Broward County. 

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One character, however, looked familiar to one person who actually lives to tell the tale – Lawrence Sullivan. Sullivan, also known as the "Florida Joker," took to TikTok to call out GTA for including his likeness in the trailer and subsequent video game. 

"You might have seen that character on GTA 6, just dropped the trailer today," Sullivan said. "You know they got that character with the face tattoos. You know who they got that inspired by – by me! … GTA, we gotta talk."

In a more recent video, Sullivan also demanded payment from the video game company for using his likeness. 

"That's me, that's me, that's me. GTA, we gotta talk, GTA! We gotta talk," he said. "Or not, you gotta give me like a mil or two. So what's up? … Florida Joker ain't having that. Y'all took my likeness, y'all took my life."

Sullivan's face tattoos include the word "Joker" on his forehead, alongside a Batman symbol and cuts on the sides of his mouth resembling that of the iconic movie villain. 

The trailer reportedly broke YouTube's record for most views on the platform in 24 hours, according to content creator MrBeast. As of Thursday afternoon, the trailer has over 122.4 million views. It was posted Monday. 

FOX 35 reached out to Rockstar Games for comment.