Florida drivers are the fourth worst in the country, according to new study

Maybe it will improve with the new texting and driving law going into effect on July 1, but for now, Florida drivers are reportedly terrible.

According to a new study by SmartAsset, drivers in the Sunshine State are the fourth worst in the nation. That’s quite a drop considering in 2018, Florida was ranked the eighth overall worst. 

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Florida, Nevada and Texas are in a three-way tie for fourth place.

The study states that 73.3 percent of drivers in the Sunshine State have insurance, the lowest amount in the country.

There was some slightly encouraging news for Florida: the DUI rate is the eighth-lowest in the country at 2.17 incidents per 1,000 drivers.

However, Florida has the 11th-highest rate of searches for traffic-related tickets.

Here are the top 10 states with the worst drivers according to SmartAsset:  

1. Mississippi
2. Alabama
3. California
4. Florida (tie)
4. Nevada (tie)
4. Texas (tie)
7. Arizona
8. Alaska (tie)
8. Tennessee (tie)
10. Missouri