Florida COVID-19 cases rising as daily number of new cases drops

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida is still climbing, but the daily number of new cases is dropping.

Numbers from the Florida Health Department show the number of new cases per day of COVID-19 has decreased. Officials are warning people to continue to follow guidelines.  The state is expected to hit its peak on April 21. 

Florida's stay-at-home order went into place last Friday, April 3. Since then, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in the state has gone down. According to Florida Health, on April 3, the number of positive cases for that day was about 1,300. For the past three days, that number has been consistently at 1,100 daily. 

"I want to remind Floridians who are very used to hurricanes and watching different spaghetti models," Director of Florida's Division of Emergency Management Jared Moskowitz said. "While the data is looking good, now is not the time to stop social distancing, now is not the time to stop listening and following that CDC guidance."

Officials are asking people to continue to do their part and follow stay-at-home orders, practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines, especially during Easter and Passover. 

"Let’s continue to do that," Moskowitz said. "Let’s continue to get to the other side of this."