Florida Board of Education approves new guidelines to enforce Parental Bill of Rights law

Parents will now have more access to school policies when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s part of a new rule the Florida State Board of Education approved Wednesday.

The new rules are putting the requirements into place that were set in the Parents’ Bill of Rights law. The law, dubbed by critics as the "Don’t Say Gay Bill," was passed earlier this year. 

One of the rules said schools must inform parents of policies that separate bathrooms based on any other criteria than biological sex. Supporters said it’s a push toward transparency.

"It’s parental notification. It's not mandating what a particular bathroom looks like or who can use it or who can't use it. It's about parental notification," Tom Grady, the chairman of the State Board of Education, said.

"Not just girls, not just boys, all students need to feel safe in the bathrooms and in their locker rooms. We need to let parents know how they are being monitored," Jessica Tillman, of the Moms for Liberty group, said.

Others said it’s meant to discriminate against students based on gender identity.

"Unfortunately, this rule creates separation, and based on historic realities and truths, we know it will create intimidation, and it will ultimately create harm," Nathan Bruemmer, LGBTQ consumer advocate, said.

"This proposed rule is designed to intimidate school districts from following federal guidance, making schools less safe and adding fuel to a politically-motivated crusade against LGBTQ youth and their families," Nikole Parker, Equality Florida, said.

The State Education Board also signed off on a different rule that said teachers could lose their licenses if they don’t follow parts of the Parents’ Bill of Rights law.