'Gas station heroin': Florida bans sell of new drug

The state of Florida is warning about a new drug they're calling "gas station heroin." 

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody passed an emergency rule, making the drug, Tianeptine, illegal. Before, it was sold at gas stations, convenience stores and online.

The drug is being bottled as a dietary supplement, sometimes called Pegasus, Tianaa or Zaza Red.

"It’s just a constant, constant, constant barrage of new stuff that you can get high with," Luis Delgado, a certified addiction professional, said. "It’s impossible to keep up with."

Delgado said the drug mimics opioids but isn't quite the same.

"You’re going to end up doing more of this to try to get that same feeling, and unfortunately by the time you take enough of this to get that feeling, you may accidentally harm yourself, because you don’t know what else is in it," Delgado said.

Florida's Poison Control Center had 15 exposure calls in the first half of this year.

The attorney general's office said the drug has killed five people across the country.

Moody hopes to make the ban permanent.

"This ban is temporary, but I will work with lawmakers this year on a permanent ban ahead of our legislative session," Moody said. This action will save lives."