Flooding concerns continue near Lake Monroe: 'It's just terrifying'

As of Saturday, the St. Johns River is sitting at a record high of 8.94" feet. Water levels are expected to get higher, and the river will crest by Sunday morning near Lake Monroe in Seminole County. 

Steve and Chloe Hayden's Seminole County home was flooded with the massive flooding Hurricane Ian brought. This past week, the water receded, and they're in the process of cleaning but are worried as floodwaters rise behind their home Saturday.

"It's just terrifying. I don’t know what we will do if it comes back in," said Steve Hayden.

The water from Lake Monroe has moved in over the sea wall and pushed across portions of Seminole Boulevard. This has been concerning for the HCA Florida Lake Monroe Hospital.  The hospital is taking precautions and building a dam to divert the water from coming any closer. 

Right next to the hospital is the Regatta Shore Apartment complex. The residents there are worried about rising floodwaters as their parking lot is already full.

"We’re safe on the third floor, but is our vehicle safe, are we going to be able to get out once we get back in?" said resident Ashley Nuzzel. "It’s a question that’s an hour-to-hour basis that we are checking and monitoring the amount of water." 

Lake Monroe will remain steady at almost 9 feet through early next week, and will lower slightly by Wednesday.

"I don’t know. I’m fearful," said resident Shelley McHaney. "Why can’t the community do something to protect us because we are expecting rain next week. Now what?"