Flea World to be replaced by Reagan Center

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Watch for new places to live, work and shop in Seminole County as developers want to transform the old Flea World near Sanford into something different.  FOX 35 is taking a closer look at the project.  

After 33 years and millions of memories and bargains, Flea World is history, but a new development is planned on the land.  Vendors were stripping the stalls and clearing out gear at Flea World Monday afternoon.  The iconic outside bazaar shut its doors forever Sunday.  Customers hunted for bargains and built strong bonds with vendors over three decades.   Karen Hew's family claimed the first booth at Flea World 33 years ago. She says, "This has been my whole life.  So it's very sad and a lot of people are going to miss this market."

Syd Levy is the owner of Flea World. "Reagan Center is going to be the heart of Seminole County."  Levy showed FOX 35 sketches of what Reagan Center might include.  He says it will be similar to Winter Park Village with office space, restaurants and stores.  It could also include a hotel and an anchor store.  The county has granted entitlements to build 66 townhomes and up to 800 apartments.  

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Those apartments will be within walking distance of the courthouse, sheriff's office, Seminole State College and nearby businesses. Levy adds, "That should fill the apartments up pretty fast, because people like to not drive in the way the traffic is now."

Levy knows people will miss Flea World, but he sees a modern mixed use project rising on the same spot.  "We had 33 good years and I think it's about time to move on." 

Owners will spend the next two months selling the buildings and equipment at the location and then demolition crews will come in to prepare for construction in 2016.