Flagler deputies arrest 'America's Most Wanted' suspect after standoff in stolen car

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Flagler County deputies arrested a man after a standoff in a Palm Coast neighborhood.

Deputies identified the suspect as Michael Eugene Moore. 

They say a license plate reader picked up a license plate and indicated the car was stolen out of Virginia. Deputies say Moore allegedly stole the car during an armed robbery in Virginia.

Deputies say they followed the car until it stopped in a Palm Coast neighborhood, but the suspect would not get out.

The sheriff's office says 36 deputies were called to the scene, along with hostage negotiators and SWAT members. Eventually, officials say they were able to convince Moore to get out of the car peacefully and take him into custody.

"We learned that in the mid-90s, he had been profiled on 'America's Most Wanted' for a very violent stabbing," says Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly. "Who knows what he was doing in palm coast, who knows what he could've been doing whether robbing or hurting someone."

Deputies say the license plate reader technology is new to the sheriff's office. During the two weeks it's been in use, deputies say they made three arrests.