Flagler County says staffing shortage is affecting trash pick up 

A staffing shortage that has affected businesses like restaurants and hotels is now hitting closer to home.

County officials in Flagler County said they have received complaints from residents about their trash not being picked up on time.

"Some of them understand and some of them are annoyed. We try to address it on a case-by-case basis," said Jerry Cameron.

Cameron said he reached out to WastePro, the company the county contracts to collect trash.

The company told the county it was struggling to find workers, even turning to temp agencies to hire help along with bringing in trucks from other areas to help out.

The county is working with the company to address any major complaints from residents. 

"If it’s a special situation, WastePro has worked with us to make sure it gets attention and we resolve it on a case by case basis," said Cameron. 

Meantime, the company has increased ads and is holding job fairs to find workers, the county said. 

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