Fl man set 3 fires inside hospital • FL woman spray painted swastika on neighbors truck • FL toddler drowns

A man is facing arson charges after he set 3 fires inside a Florida hospital, a Florida mother was arrested after her toddler drowned in a retention pond, a Florida Uber Eats driver was killed in grisly murder while delivering food, A Florida firefighter allegedly posed as Hitler — giving a Nazi salute a complaint states, and a Florida woman is facing a hate crime charge after she spray painted a swastika on her neighbors truck: Here's FOX 35's Week in Review. 

Affidavit: Florida woman facing hate crime charge in damage to neighbor's house

A Florida woman is accused of damaging her neighbor's house and spray-painting hate symbols on his truck during the early morning hours, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Surveillance video appears to show Yamil LaChapelle Ortiz use a shovel to damage a surveillance camera and then taking spray paint and painting something on a truck parked in her neighbor's driveway.

'What's the motive?' Family devastated after Uber Eats driver killed in grisly murder in Florida

Deputies in Pasco County described the murder of a Florida man who was finishing his shift as an Uber Eats delivery driver as gruesome, horrific, and evil. The worst part, deputies do not know a motive and believe the man's killing was random. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said Randall Cooke texted his wife around 6:40 p.m. to let her know that he was making his last delivery and would be home soon. Yet, he never returned home. Deputies have arrested 30-year-old Oscar Solis Jr. who was on parole from Indiana in Cooke's death. Authorities said they found human remains in trash bags behind the house where the suspect was staying.

Aggressive hawks attacking residents in Florida neighborhood: 'swooped down and tried to grab me'

Residents of a Central Florida neighborhood are concerned about an aggressive family of hawks that has apparently made themselves at home, according to neighbors. Andrea Williams, who lives in MetroWest, a neighborhood in Orlando, said at least two neighbors have been attacked by hawks. 

Florida mom arrested after toddler drowns in retention pond

Myra Santiago, 22, faces charges of manslaughter of a child and neglect of a child. [Credit: Ormond Beach Police Department.]

A Florida mother faces a charge of aggravated manslaughter in the drowning death of her 3-year-old son. Myra Santiago, 22, who was arrested by the Ormond Beach Police Department on Sunday, is also charged with neglect of a child. Investigators said the toddler managed to get out of Santiago's apartment through an unlocked door, before wandering into a nearby retention pond and drowning. In an arrest report, officers noted that Santiago failed to secure her apartment door, "knowing the child was able to escape and had done so numerous times before." 

Police: Man facing arson charges after setting 3 fires inside Florida hospital

A 32-year-old man is facing charges of arson after he apparently started three separate small fires inside a Florida hospital, and an additional two fires near a university and a home before he was found and arrested Sunday night, according to Ocala and Marion County officials. Ocala police said Daniel Holmes was inside the hospital, and started three separate fires near a coffee station on the fifth floor, as well as in the men's and women's bathrooms on the first floor. He also attempted to set a box of disposable face masks on fire, but was confronted by an employee.