First home delivery of medical marijuana in Florida

Florida's first legal medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

"These really are some of our most seriously ill patients in the state of Florida and some of the most vulnerable and so again that’s why it's so important that the medicine that we deliver is of the purest and highest quality,” said Kim Rivers CEO of Trulieve.

The company Trulieve recently got approval from the state to start selling and delivering low tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, medical marijuana.  It's one of six dispensaries in Florida that have been approved by the state -- the five others including Knox Medical in Orange County, the only one in Central Florida, is still in the cultivation phase and could open by the end of this year.

"The number of qualifying conditions that have been established by the legislature is limited compared to what the evidence says about where it may be beneficial. so, I think in general expanding the options is important," Dr. Ken Brummel-Smith, Trulieve Medical Director.

Christina Cusack, 32, feels the same way.  “It will get better. I can't at the time benefit from, the new dispensary but I will in time.”  Cusack who's had multiple sclerosis for seven years says medical marijuana helps with her extreme pain.  "Once it hits the pain, that's all I need," Cusack said.

While her condition doesn't currently meet the eligibility requirements, she's hopeful for expanded access.  "It is one of the most aggravating things, but at the same time I’m still happy that we're coming along, " Cusack said.

Some of the dispensaries including the one in Tallahassee will also ship the medical pot.