First all-female, three-pilot crew flies NOAA recon mission ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Photo credit: NOAA Aircraft Operations Center

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is operating 24-hours a day as Hurricane Dorian makes its way across the Atlantic and heads toward Florida.

Now one NOAA crew has made history.



NOAA Aircraft Operations Center tweeted out an inspiring photo of their very first, all-female three-pilot flight crew as they flew a reconnaissance mission.

The crew is made up of Capt. Kristie Twining, Cmdr. Rebecca Waddington, and Lt. Lindsey Norman. 

According to FlightAware, their NOAA plane took off from Lakeland and flew around Hurricane Dorian to collect data. The flight returned after clocking a total of 3,651 miles.

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