Firehouse Subs wants to give free food to customers with names starting with these 4 letters

Firehouse Subs says it wants to thank customers by name with the chance to score a free medium sub as part of its Name Day offer. (Photo credit: Firehouse Subs)

Firehouse Subs is making their Name of the Day game interesting for Tuesday: Anyone whose first name starts with Q, X, Y, or Z gets a free sandwich!

"OK, today is for some of you who never find your name on a keychain," said Firehouse Subs.

The company is giving away a free medium sub on Dec. 17 with any purchase as part of its Name Day giveaway. Anyone with the selected names of the day just needs to show a valid photo ID at participating restaurant locations to score the free sandwich.

“Just our way to thank our name,” the company said, which began the promotion on Dec. 9.

The game has received some positive feedback from commenters on social media -- even if their name hasn't been chosen yet.

"This is great! I will never be on the list, but it's awesome for those that are!" wrote Cheree Crawford.

"I guess I'll be going hungry forever," joked Heike Perez on Facebook.