Fire breaks out at home in Downtown Orlando, officials say

A fire broke out at a home on Concord Street in Downtown Orlando early on Sunday.

The fire started around 5 a.m. on Sunday. Firefighters reportedly received lots of calls from neighbors in the historic community. They quickly arrived and began battling the flames. 

They said that only one man was home when the fire broke out. Fortunately, they said that he was not injured. No firefighters were hurt either. 

However, there were pets in the home that are still unaccounted for, firefighters said. They are attempting to search for them. They called in the Red Cross to help the homeowners as he deals with the aftermath of the fire. 

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"So we heard noise, we saw lights because our bedroom's in the front. I stumbled out of bed and saw big flames. Couldn't tell, I thought they were next door, but they were big, big, big! So big, I told my husband, get up, get up, get up!" said Beth Woodhall, a neighbor.

Woodhall said firefighters evacuated some people from the area.

"The next-door neighbor, I spoke to her across the street. She said they knocked on her door to get her out. But it was big, big, big! It was like tell my husband get up, get up, it wasn't like we were going to just casually see what happened," she added. "I think we got out of bed at 5:30, thinking the world was one fire. By the time I got dressed and crossed the street the fire was out. We're talking five or ten minutes at the most. Like nothing, nothing, nothing."

Firefighters said that they do not believe the fire is suspicious but they have called in arson investigators to find out where in the house the fire broke out and how it started. 

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