FHP patrol cars get high-tech 360° cameras

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is going high-tech, as they are the first in our state to add new 360° cameras to their patrol cars.

FHP state trooper vehicles will be outfitted 360° cameras, which will be placed in the front, on the sides, and in the back of the vehicle. This new camera system will be installed in 2,142 FHP patrol cars statewide and each vehicle will have four exterior facing cameras to provide a 360° view. The camera motion is activated by the transmitter worn by the officer.

The new camera system also includes unlimited video cloud storage as well as video processing and sharing, allowing FHP to share video out with news media outlets and other agencies with no delay.

FHP is first law enforcement agency in the state of Florida to have this kind of high-tech technology. They are working exclusively with Panasonic to develop the technology for all of their patrol cars.

The state budget lists the price tag at $3.6 million. This money is coming from the Highway Safety trust fund.