FHP: Florida teen caught speeding over 110 mph wanted to impress girlfriend

A Brevard County teenager was caught on camera driving more than 100 miles an hour on I-95, the Florida Highway Patrol said. 

The trooper said he had to go 125 mph just to catch 19-year-old Angelo Donnelly. The driver’s suspected motive? Showing off for his girlfriend!

"We were on our way to Cocoa and I was acting a fool," Donnelly reportedly is heard saying on video. 

Donnelly was handcuffed and put in the back of the patrol car. That’s when the trooper asked him why he was going 112 mph on the interstate, nearly hitting other cars.

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Donnelly, who says he’s never been pulled over before, then reportedly made this confession.

Trooper: "What happened? Why were you driving like that?"

Donnelly: "You want to hear the honest truth? My girlfriend was driving behind me and I was trying to show off."

Donnelly was arrested for misdemeanor reckless driving. His car was towed and he was taken to jail. 

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