FHP: 5 killed due to reckless motorcyclists in Orange County over last two weeks

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) says there were five people killed because of reckless motorcyclists in Orange County in the last two weeks. One of the victims was a 6-year-old child.

FHP says a mother and daughter were killed after getting hit by a motorcyclist. The victims were Anelsy Aguero Alba, 33, and Sheyla Ruiz, 6.  They were hit while crossing Semoran Boulevard by Old Cheney Highway.  A witness says the motorcyclist was speeding.

"We were going to celebrate today was her birthday," said Glorie Aguero, the sister-in-law, and aunt of the victims. "She would be 34."

She said it has been a nightmare trying to cope with this tragic turn of events.  The family has created a Go Fund Me page to help cover the costs of funeral expenses. 

"I want them to be remembered as angels," she added.

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Troopers say reckless motorcyclists are making it dangerous for drivers. Moments before Thursday night's crash, Sarah Schmidt says she had a close call with speeding on Orange Blossom Trail.

"He was only a couple of inches," she said. "He would have took my brother’s mirror off. And then we could see him swerving up in front."

Just a couple of weeks ago, FHP Lt. Kim Montes said, "A motorcyclist at a high rate of speed. An Elderly woman pulled out from a stop sign and a motorcyclist hit her car."

She later died.

Montes said, "We’re having a serious problem with motorcyclists running kinda roque on Thursday nights."

Thursday nights are the nights when bikers typically gather.  Retired FHP Chief Joe Lopez says officers aren’t allowed to chase motorcyclists because it can put the public in danger.

However, law enforcement often use helicopters or other surveillance to watch the bikers.

"By having undercover officers watching, you can get the principal people who are organizers," Lopez said. 

FOX 35's Valerie Boey asked Lopez what drivers should do if they get rattled by a speeding biker driving recklessly.

"You will hear them before you even see them, so beware. Don’t engage them and call the police, dial 911," he said.

Lopez said when you call 911, try to get a tag number so officers can witness it themselves and make an arrest.