Father distraught after daughters' gravesites vandalized

Tragedy strikes twice for a local father. First, his four daughters were killed in a car crash and now their graves have been vandalized.  

The Lone Oak Ridge Cemetery in Leesburg called him and said the tombstones belonging to his four daughters were desecrated. The graves were found knocked over, hit by hammers and the flowers planted in front were burned.  

“Just trying to figure out who did this,” Cruz said. “It’s not the first time.  The last time they destroyed all of the angels that I had put out here.”

It was nearly two years ago when Cruz’s daughters, 15-year-old Amunya, 14-year-old Jazmin, 13-year-old Niashia and 11-year-old Nadia, were killed in a tragic car crash on I-95 in Titusville as they were heading to the beach for their mother’s birthday.  

“The tire blew out and the car flipped,” Cruz said. “Too many people in the vehicle and they got ejected. Out of my five daughters, one daughter survived. She’s still trying to cope with her sisters being gone.”

Both tombstones will have to be replaced at a cost of nearly $3,000. No other graves in the cemetery were disturbed. Leesburg police said they don’t have any suspects.