Father accused of shooting daughter's ex-boyfriend says he's the victim

A father who is charged with attempted murder upon his daughter's ex-boyfriend says he is the one who called 911 for help, and yet he is the one behind bars.

Todd Powers appeared before a judge on Friday, desperate to tell his side of the story,

"I would like to speak. I would like to speak with him.  I would like to speak with him too."   

He continued despite advice from an attorney. 

"It was my home that was being invaded, my child being attacked, and I called police,  so I don’t understand why I’m here without a bond."

See part of  the 911 call from the daughter:

Dispatcher: "Do you know who was doing the shooting?"

Caller: "It was my Dad. My ex-boyfriend just showed up to my house, and he wouldn’t leave and they started fighting, so my Dad shot him."

Dispatcher: "Do you know why?"
Caller: "My ex-boyfriend is harassing me. I don’t know why he would pop up at my house."

Neighbor Eufmio Vasquez says, "I saw blood like he had been shot on the side."

Volusia County sheriff's deputies say 46-year-old Powers shot the 23-year-old man several times. Vasquez says he saw the victim laying on the driveway.

"He was gasping for air. At first, I thought he was dead. But then as soon as police were able to give him first aid and give him CPR right away he reacted and started moving around."

When the victim arrived at the driveway, that’s when an argument started, investigators say, and shortly after that, shots were fired.

Powers says deputies never questioned him, before being arrested. 

"I was placed under arrest without being charged for six hours. Taken from my home. I’m the one that called police your honor." 

Deputies say even though the victim punched first, it was Powers who shot the unarmed man. Deputies say the victim is in critical condition. Since Powers is a convicted felon and violated probation, he's being held on no bond.

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