Farmer's markets turn to drive-thru service amid outbreak

With farmer’s markets shut down, farmers and vendors are turning to new ways of selling their local goods.

“It’s really difficult because essentially all the revenue vaporized,” said Kyle White, co-founder of Yaupon Brothers Tea.

White usually sells his locally-made tea at the New Smyrna Beach market.

This week, he and other vendors organized drive-thru service in Edgewater.

Like fast-food, people look at the menu from their car, make their order and workers place it in their trunk.

“We have some people windows up, they just point and we put it in their trunk, and they’re on their way,” White said.

Customer Steven Bartolodea said it beats going to the grocery store.

“We just wanna avoid the crowds as best as possible, and get the food that we need and get home as quickly as possible,” he said.

White said the turnout has been good so far.

“People have been very happy. Fair price, drive-thru service. There’s been no supermarket chaos,” he said.

For vendors, it’s bringing in some much-needed business.

“With everything being shut down, it’s really putting a pinch on our finances,” said Chris Russell, who owns Furry Friends Gourmet Pet Treats.

“This is giving them the opportunity to sell their goods and still make a living while all this chaos is going on,” White said.