Family's show dog held for ransom by thieves

A Florida family was devastated after thieves stole their prize-winning show dogs in Conyers, but now, the family says their pain is only getting worse because the crooks who took their dogs are demanding thousands of dollars for their safe return.

Since the dogs were taken Saturday, they've been reunited with French Bulldog Hero. The family said their American Bully, Crayola, is still in the hands of thieves. 

"This has been an emotional rollercoaster," said dog owner Prie Roldan.

The Roldan family has been on a wild ride the past few days trying to track down their animals. They were able to track a cell phone in their car to an apartment complex and followed their car down the road.

"We probably could've gotten hurt, but you don't think about that," said Roldan.

Eventually, the family met up with the people who had Hero inside a Walmart, paying them $3,500 to get him back.

"It is crazy," said 11-year-old Christine Brown, who is Hero's owner and trainer. "I don't think they needed to make us pay for our own dog...but they clearly do this a lot."

They said the thieves still have Crayola and are asking for more money to return her.

"Yesterday, they sent a picture of Crayola to us," said Roldan.

The Roldans have reported everything to the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, but they've been unable to catch the people, who contacted the family claiming to have Crayola, sending threatening messages.

The messages from the person continued to get more intense saying: "You will do this my way or no way I don't have time to ******* play. I'm not a kid"

"We just don't want anybody else to be extorted by these people.

The family says they hope police will chase down these people before it's too late. "Arrest these men," said Roldan. "You know where they are."

If you think you may know where Crayola is, there is still a reward out for anyone who helps the family get the dog back. Email


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