Family seeks social media photographer who can double as 'mother's helper'

(Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)

A job posting online by a family in New York City looking to hire a multi-hyphenated social media photographer, coordinator and “mother’s helper” is giving new meaning to the term hybrid role.

The listing, posted on Craigslist, says the ideal candidate must have photography and photo-editing skills, specifically experience shooting young children and families.


The person should also be internet and Instagram savvy.

“Manhattan family looking for a photographer to work with them on a regular basis as their Social Media Coordinator, either FT or PT,” the ad reads.

“This person MUST have advanced knowledge of of [sic] Photoshop and Lightroom, have experience working with/shooting young children/families and be comfortable acting as Mother’s Helper on days when not shooting/editing.”

The unique job posting listed the compensation as an hourly or daily rate.

Reactions on Twitter, where a screenshot of the posting was originally shared, were plentiful.

“May god have mercy on the soul of the person who takes this job,” tweeted writer Dorsey Shaw. “In the next 5 years NYC creatives will exist only to work on personal media projects for bored wealthy people.”

“Good god I hope this is just a serial killer,” another person tweeted.

Another Twitter user precisely pointed out: “That's three job descriptions in one.”

“Wth is Mother's Helper,” someone else commented. “The capitalized letters make me uncomfortable with the extra emphasis.”

“Yes, because what photographer and social media expert doesn’t want to be a mother’s helper on the side,” another person tweeted. “What nonsense.”

Despite the online attention, it doesn’t appear the family has yet found their coveted social media photographer, coordinator and mother’s helper. The job listing, which was posted 23 days ago, is still up on Craigslist.