Family of teen killed in shooting speaks out after same man is charged in his own daughter's shooting

The family of a 13-year-old who was killed in 2011 by the man involved in the accidental shooting of his own child on Saturday is speaking out.

Police say the 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot by a sibling while her father, Dustin Adkins, 34, left them unsupervised Saturday afternoon.   According to police, Adkins said he left the children unsupervised to go check on a hog trap.  When he returned, police say his 9-year-old girl had been shot by one of the others.

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Police confirm Adkins has been charged in the shooting incident.    Investigators say Adkins is a convicted felon with a history, including an accidental gun death.

This is the second time a child has been shot under Adkins' watch, according to investigators.  According to court documents, Adkins was charged and entered a plea for manslaughter in a 2011 death.   In that case, police say he was showing off a handgun that accidentally discharged.   Officials say the bullet went through a wall and killed a 13-year-old girl, Kasey Canada, in the next room.

Kasey Canada, 13. (Canada Family)

"People can say it was an accident, yeah. He didn’t stand there and just shoot my daughter, but he was holding the gun," Kasey's father, Willis Canada, said. "He killed my daughter." 

Adkins is currently serving probation in that case and the terms forbid him to possess guns. 

When FOX 35 News inquired as to whom the guns in this recent shooting incident were registered and how they were acquired by Adkins, police said those questions are part of the investigation.

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"He may not have been holding the gun this time, but he was the adult and he left them alone. Now, another child has paid for his negligence," Willis Canada said. 

Adkins remains behind bars without bond. Willis Canada hopes he will finally learn his lesson. 

"The judge needs to do what needs to be done," Willis Canada said. "Dusty Adkins needs to be put in prison and he needs to be put there for a while so he understands why and pays for his actions."