Family of 8-year-old boy arrested at Florida elementary school seeking legal action, report says

The family of an 8-year-old Florida boy who was seen in a body camera video being handcuffed by police officers at his school is seeking legal action, a report says.

According to WSVN, in December 2018, police said that a student punched a teacher in the chest. The teacher and student allegedly were arguing because the child refused to sit properly at the cafeteria. 

Body camera video of the incident was posted on the Twitter of civil rights attorney, Benjamin Crump, on Sunday night. He said that he is planning to sue the officers, school officials, the Monroe County School District, and the City of Key West.

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In the video, WSVN said that two officers are seen searching the boy before one of them tries to place him in handcuffs. His hands were too small though so they walked the boy outside and explained the situation to him, telling him that "The thing about it is, you made a mistake, and now it’s time to learn from it and grow from it, right?”

The boy was reportedly then booked on a felony battery charge at a juvenile justice facility in Key West. 

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Crump argues that the boy is a special needs student and did not pose a threat to anyone, WSVN reported. The child was placed with a substitute teacher that day who was allegedly unaware of the child's needs and "escalated the situation by using her hands to forcibly move him.”

The family is holding a press conference on Tuesday about the arrest.

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