'Extremely dangerous': Florida deputies arrest 9 people in street racing bust in Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is continuing to crack down and arrest people for illegally street racing.

Nine people were arrested Saturday for allegedly doing burnouts and donuts in the parking lot of a shopping plaza off Orange Blossom Trail, leaving behind tire marks from burnouts and donuts.

"Not only is it illegal, but it’s extremely dangerous and reckless," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Sergio Uribe.

He said Saturday night the parking lot was filled with dozens of people and cars when deputies arrived to put an end to the parking lot parking. Deputies were monitoring from the air and the ground, he said.

In total, nine people were arrested in the Aldi parking lot, near Orange Blossom Trail and Wetherbee Road, and several vehicles were impounded, OCSO said. Some were booked into jail under suspicion of reckless driving or street racing. One person was booked on a drug charge.

"We’re hoping that the individuals will be held accountable and we hope that these fines and fees that are associated with this kind of activity has an impact," said Uribe. "Don’t do this in Orange County because we’re going to catch you."

FOX35 has been looking into reports about street racing for months. People living in Orlando tell us that they are seeing and hearing things like this far too often.

"They race here all the time. It’s like an ongoing thing every weekend," said Curtis Turner.