Experts say your Christmas tree, decorations can make you sick

Christmas trees might make you feel merry and bright, but experts say they can make you sick too.

Experts say your Christmas tree can have mold and dust.

“You can have a flare-up of allergies, head congestion, sneezing, or if you’re an asthmatic, you could see a flare-up of chest congestion coughing and wheeze,” said Allergy Specialist Steven Rosenberg.

He says there could be hidden dangers inside your tree, too, especially if it’s not in an open space.

“Since a tree is damp it could attract some mold, but if you keep it well ventilated, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg also advises you to clean all of your ornaments and decorations before putting them up.

Experts say anything stored for 11 months can have mold spores and dust mites.

Mold and dust can lead to respiratory issues.

“You don’t want to hang up dusty ornaments which will distribute dust around the room,” Rosenberg said. “Molds and dust will bother anyone, but if you have allergies, you’ll be 1000 times more sensitive to it.”