FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Florida college student gets transatlantic flight all to himself

Imagine having a flight all to yourself. It’s the dream of any traveler, and for one local college student, that dream was a reality. 

As Kai Forsyth boarded a British Airways jet at Gatwick Airport on January 9, he quickly started to notice something was different. He was the only passenger boarding. 

"I was a bit confused at first, but they said I can move around in the plane. I felt like I owned the plane. It was very weird," said Forsyth. 

The Rollins College soccer player documented his nine-hour flight to Orlando International Airport on TikTok. The videos quickly went viral. 

He said he started to notice things were off the night before. 

"You know how you pick seats when you’re checking in? There was actually no seats, none taken. I was very confused," said Forsyth. 

Instead, Kai got to kick his feet up, make friends with the flight attendants and get all the snacks and drinks he wanted. 

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"I was actually going to sleep on the floor. I asked if I could sleep on the floor, but they have the trolleys, and they need to bring them back and forth," said Forsyth. 

British Airways relaunched flights from the UK to the US in November when the international travel ban was lifted. Not long after, British media outlets reported the airline had to cancel over 2000 flights across the board from December to March due to a decrease in travel demand. Although, Kai isn’t about to complain about the extra legroom. 

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 "I’d actually like to say thank you to British Airways for providing me with a great experience like that and the flight attendant in the back, if he does watch this you know who you are, he was basically my caterer for eight hours," said Forsyth. "It was very surreal, I have to say."

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