Estimated 500,000 people watched SpaceX launch in Space Coast

The energy was high along the Space Coast Sunday as thousands gathered to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of Crew Dragon's first operational mission. 

Thousands gathered on the Max Brewer Bridge in Titusville to watch SpaceX's historic launch Sunday.

Officials estimate that 500,000 people watched the launch across the county Sunday. 

"Goosebumps, goosebumps," said Brian Henderson, who watched the launch. "When I can get the paper tomorrow and tuck it away and in 20 years when I'm talking to my grandkids, I can say, 'I can show you pictures from when I was there. This was history.'" 

SpaceX sent NASA astronauts into space for its first operational mission. 

"It feels great to know that four people are on their way to the space station," said Ronnie Davis. 

People packed into the viewing area near the Max Brewer Bridge to claim a spot Sunday morning, some even camping out for days. 

"I feel like I have a front line ticket to the best club in the world. This is awesome. I'm getting chills," said George Kasimos, who traveled from New Jersey.

Luis Atencio used the launch as a learning opportunity for his two young boys. 

"We want them to have role models, so what better than an astronaut," Atencio said. "This is historic. It means that we're back in space. It's an amazing moment to be excited about this and have them be excited about astronauts and rockets."

Drawn to the unknown, the exploration of space is bringing people together. 
"This is a good thing for where we are in society. Hopefully, this will bring us more together than bring us apart," Kasimos said.