Escort on stand calls encounter with Ross Harris 'very vanilla'

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A former escort told jurors she had sex with a very married Ross Harris just weeks before his son died. Daniela Doerr called the three sexual encounters with Harris in May of 2014 “very vanilla.”

“He was dumpy, short, had no presence about himself. You could tell he didn't care about how he looked,” the former escort said.

Prosecutors are trying to show jurors Harris had given up on family life the weeks before Cooper's death.

Jurors also heard from a Home Depot security guard who exchanged words with Harris as he left work June 18 of 2014.

“When he exited the building I said ‘Have a nice evening’ and he said ‘you too.’ And something about ‘I am going to the movies,’" Wesley Houston told jurors.

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Mr. Houston said Harris even told him who he was going to the movies with. The security guard said the detailed information seemed more like a public service announcement and was out of character.

Mr. Houston went on to describe the behavior of Harris' ex-wife Leanna as she watched the breaking news of her son's death while in the Home Depot building.

“She went from hot to not, in my opinion,” the security guard testified.

Mr. Houston said she started with a lot of steam, but her emotions begin fading and she ended up acting like nothing ever happened.

Prosecutors introduced a former Cobb County detective who processed Harris iPhone and computers. Retired detective Ray Yeager said he entered the word “child” and five accesses to “childfree” came up on Harris' computer from the Reddit app.

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During a lengthy cross-examination, defense attorneys forced Yeager and retired detective Pam Colson to admit they never found hot car death searches on Ross or Leanna's electronics.

Prosecutors said Harris deliberately left his son Cooper in a hot car to die because he no longer wanted to be a father or a husband.

The defense said Harris simply forgot the child and Cooper's death was a horrible accident.

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The trial was moved to Glynn County after pre-trial publicity in Cobb County made it difficult to find an impartial jury.