Video shows enormous alligator found roaming in Central Florida neighborhood

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

New video shows a massive alligator being captured after roaming around a Central Florida neighborhood recently.

The video, taken by Ana Maria Reyes, shows trappers wrangling the enormous alligator on Atwood Drive in Avalon Park. 

The gator is believed to be at least 10-feet long.

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Courtesy: Ana Maria Reyes

Wranglers took out a measuring tape to find out just how big the gator is. FOX 35 is working to find out the exact size, but it appears to be at least 10-feet long. The alligator was also missing part of its tail when it was found. 

Just last week, another large alligator was spotted hanging out on a golf course in Sebring. Locals said it's a momma alligator who frequents the area.