Emaciated dogs taken from Deltona home; dog fighting suspected

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Five pit bull mix dogs now being cared for here at the Halifax Humane Society, the precious pooches are on a road to recovery after they were brought in over the weekend in terrible condition.

"When we receive animals in poor condition like this, we want to look for any pressing issues that need to be taken care of,” said Tyler Stover with the Halifax Humane Society.

Photos provided by Deltona Animal Control show the deplorable conditions that the dogs were being kept in at a Deltona home --  in crates and cages with no food, and only one dog having access to water. According to the report there was "no drinking water available for the remaining dogs" and "the dogs had injuries consistent with animals that have been used for dog fighting."

“It's difficult for the officers just because it was such a bad case but basically their role is just to gather as much evidence as possible and to determine if there's either an abuse charge or possible maybe a dogfighting," said Wendi Jackson, with the City of Deltona.

The Volusia County Sheriff's office is also investigating -- in all seven dogs were surrendered to Deltona Animal Control, one of them was already dead and another died at the vet's office. The remaining five dogs were brought to Halifax, some of them so hungry their rib cages could be seen through their fur.

“With these animals coming in under weight we want to make sure to get their nutrition back up and carefully get them fed to where they start to gain weight," Stover said.

Officials at the Halifax Humane Society say before the dogs can be adopted out, authorities first have to finish their investigation.

"We never want to see animals coming in in poor condition but unfortunately it does happen,” Stover said.