Drone crackdown at UCF on game days

The University of Central Florida Knights football home opener is on Thursday, and fans say it can’t come soon enough.  “Super excited, it's the first week we have a home game, so it's going to be pretty crazy I know memory mall is going to be like completely full," said Joel Lerant, a UCF Junior.

This year university officials have some new policies they're rolling out, the first one being, no drones allowed on game day.   “The FAA bans drones around stadiums and we've extended the policy to include the whole game day so it's really a safety issue,” said UCF Spokesman Chad Binette.  Officials are enforcing a "no fly zone" around the stadium, that's effective all day. “What we don't want is even someone that's well meaning, with a drone say it accidentally falls, it could hurt someone, and we just don't want to see that on game day, " Binette said.

Also, for the first time this year students and alumni no longer have to wake up early to get a good tailgate spot hear on memory mall , now they can just go online and fill out the reservation form in advance.  “It's great, I remember I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to drag a tent out, because I was the only one with an SUV, so if we could just wait and get there at like 12 that would be perfect,” said Ross Pearlman, a UCF senior.

Officials are also making some changes to the traffic flow, after the games, to ease congestion.  “This change is designed to help people exit the campus faster, so from each parking lot, there will be certain ways people will be directed out and we think it will help expedite traffic," Binette said.