Dr. Oz has an exclusive interview with Casey Anthony's father as he recovers from a horrible crash

George Anthony's life was forever turned upside down by the death of his granddaughter Caylee and the trial and acquittal of his daughter, Casey. 

Years later, George found himself turned upside once again. He miraculously survived a rollover crash on Interstate 4 (I-4). After losing control of the vehicle, George overturned several times. He was taken to the hospital with incapacitating injuries.

Dr. Oz spoke to George recently and said that George is doing "better than expected."

Dr. Oz helped explain the cause of the crash, as some think that George was having seizures. However, he was having convulsions, as his spine was severed in the crash. George's fourth bone from the top of his spine became unaligned with the fifth bone from the top. When the spine separates, you start to convulse, Dr. Oz explained.

A bystanders saw what was going on and saved him. When George got to the hospital, he was totally locked up. 

George says that as he laid there in his car, thinking he was going to be paralyzed, he started to think about what he had done to his family. He started to revisit his life and, of course, the part of it defined by his daughter, Casey, and the death of Caylee. 

The day the accident happened, Dr. Oz says that Cindy Anthony, Casey's mother, reached out to Casey. She did not respond until days later. By then, she was angry with her mother for having to find out about her father's injuries on the news. Cindy and Casey fought over this and separated again.

George, however, told Dr. Oz that he forgives Casey and wishes that he had not done and said certain things after the trial. He says that he wants his daughter back.

Dr. Oz believes that the Anthony family will come together through this difficult time. Currently, George is still recovering from the trauma of the crash and the trial that tore his family apart.

The entire interview between Dr. Oz and George Anthony will air on Monday at 1 p.m. on FOX 35.