Orlando salon owner says she was victim of break-in caught on camera

The owner of a salon in Downtown Orlando says someone broke into her place by shattering the window and took off with the cash box. She says she's not the only business that was hit.

"We had a guy break into our window, crawl through the window and ran to our front lobby area," explains Katia Baker, who is still in shock after she says a masked man broke into her salon, Phive Star Hair and Boutique. "My entire front desk was collapsed on the floor and I started screaming. My husband woke up, and I said they robbed the salon, they robbed the salon." 

She called officers right away, after her camera system notified her, that the thief broke in on Sunday at around 5 a.m.

She says he took off with the cash box carrying $200 and caused lots of damage. While we’re still waiting for the incident report, officers were seen on surveillance looking for clues after the break-in.  "Hair salon businesses can also be a target because we do handle cash tips," she says.

According to Katia, a barber shop and hair removal was also broken into across the way. "I guess when he broke in, he didn’t find anything of value, so he was being very petty and took money and put it all over her floors."

To make matters worse, Katia tells us officers told her, a third business was hit as well. "Another business a little big up north was also targeted around the same time."

We asked retired Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon if downtown businesses were more of a target. 

"Not necessarily," he say. "I think any time you have a cluster of businesses or businesses in a given area it’s always going to be a potential target." 

Rolon couldn’t talk about crime trends in the downtown area, but has some advice for business owners, like having good lighting outside. "But the key is, don’t keep money in the register. Often times people are asked to keep their registers open, so people can see it from a window or door." 

For Katia it's too late. She believes a professional was waiting to break into her business. "I feel very violated. I don’t feel as safe as I used to." 

Anyone with information should call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).