Downtown Orlando project under I-4 to transform area near Kia Center

In just a few years, the area near the Kia Center in downtown Orlando will look completely different. 

The City of Orlando announced that the construction of "The Canopy" is officially underway. The new design blends nature and technology to create a vibrant and "inclusive sustainable urban oasis."

Construction is expected to begin in early 2025 and should take about 24 months to complete. The new development will be located across the street from the Kia Center from Church Street to Washington Street and Hughey Avenue, and Garland Avenue. 

In response to input from the community, the new design focuses on six core principles – connection, safety, community, greenery, mobility, and artistic immersion. 


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Credit: The City of Orlando

Currently, the city is working on a pilot construction that is expected to begin in early April 2024 and be completed by summer. 

The purpose of the pilot program is to help provide feedback to better understand the usage of the temporary zone before the permanent project is implemented – allowing for modifications.