'I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth': Daytona businesses plea for shoppers amid hurricane recovery

Downtown Daytona Beach

Although the 2022 hurricane season has wrapped up, businesses in Downtown Daytona Beach continue hurricane recovery efforts.

Going out-of-business signs now cover the Knotty Crab. The owner tells FOX 35 News that his reason for closing was a mixture of things, but the double storms this season were the final straw. 

"I’m not surprised. I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth," said Miguel Nin. 

Nin owns the Daytona Cigar Club, a few shops down. He’s been on Beach Street since 2016. He’s seen first-hand the devastation periods of rain can bring to the area.

Several business are struggling in Daytona Beach as they recover from hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

Caroline Delannoy owns an antique shop on Beach Street. She said she was counting down the days to the end of hurricane season.

"This has been one of the worst, especially with all of the damage on the beachside," she said. 

Now, Delannoy is busy filing insurance claims and trying to bounce back. With Christmas just a few weeks away, she hopes the community remembers the small mom-and-pop shops on Beach Street. 

"Shop downtown for small businesses to keep us alive for Christmas," she said.