Domestic rabbits overtake neighborhood in Azalea Park, resident says

Rabbits have seemingly taken over a neighborhood in Azalea Park and residents are concerned that the critters are destroying their property.

"There was one, then two, then over 20 – and then they just too many," said Zoraida Barreto.

She said she noticed the influx of rabbits about four months ago.

"They’re pretty, they’re cute, but no I don’t like them, she said. They're destroying her grass and eating her plants.

Where did the rabbits come from?

"Someone dumped probably a couple of them," said Alicia Branoff, who works for Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions. "And they reproduce very quickly."

She estimates there are at least 50 rabbits. Because they're domestic animals, some probably will not survive outside.

Her organization is working to rescue the rabbits.

"Some have been hit by cars, they have been attacked by other animals out here," she said.

Her organization has received requests to help some 130 rabbits during the first two months of the year, she said.

And catching a rabbit isn't an easy task.

"Trying to catch one is very difficult. You need a lot of people. Specifically in this area, cause there’s so many," a volunteer said.

For Zoraida, she hopes a fix is in place soon.

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