Dog walk kicks off New Year's Eve revelry in Key West

New Year's Eve revelry has begun in Key West with a parade of more than 160 dachshunds through the island's historic downtown.

Thursday's promenade included canines costumed as wieners in buns, sea creatures, a hooded dragon and a pink-horned unicorn described by its owner as "a Key West dachsi-corn."

Thursday night, throngs of human revelers are to witness multiple subtropical takeoffs on New York City's traditional Times Square ball drop.

Female impersonator Gary Marion, known as Sushi, is to descend in a super-sized red high heel shoe after marrying his partner in one of the last same-sex marriages in 2015, the year they were legalized nationwide.

Other "drops" include a replica Key lime wedge, a woman garbed as a pirate wench and a gigantic manmade conch shell, the Florida Keys symbol.